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It's always easier meditating every day when you know how many other people are doing it, and what fantastic things it is doing all around the country and the world!

Here's how to be inspired and also stay informed of everything happening in the world of TM:

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Special events
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Visit our TM UK Blog and share current stories with friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Why not post a link to the introductory video on our home page on TM on Facebook or Twitter? It is also on our Facebook page and YouTube. DVDs are also available on request: call 01695 51213 or email.

Another great way to share knowledge of Transcendental Meditation with friends and colleagues is by recommending Dr Norman's Rosenthal's book Transcendence: Healing and Transformation through Transcendental Meditation. This has been called "the best book ever on Transcendental Meditation" and is full of personal stories and insights as well as factual information.