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Telephone: 0131 668 1649 / 07551 226699
Centre Manager: Annie Arrowsmith 

Flat 1, The Press
17a West Crosscauseway


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Centre Manager- Annie Arrowsmith 

Annie's primary focus is on teaching.  She loves to enable people – from 4 years to 104 – to experience what ‘natural' and ‘easy' really are.  In the early 70s she was employed as an account executive in the London office of one of the UK's largest advertising agencies before starting up an award winning audio visual presentation company with her husband.  She qualified as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation on the same course as David Rae in 1976/77.  After ten years in Suffolk she spent many years living and working at the Maharishi European Sidhaland in Lancashire, notably at the Maharishi School (now Maharishi Free School) as a parent, school governor and teacher.  She also worked for a couple of years as assistant to the project manager on a planned vastu (vedic architecture) housing and educational development in the area. Annie has taught TM and associated programmes around Scotland and England as well as the USA, Holland, and Northern Ireland.  From 2008-2013 she ran the TM Centre in South Manchester.  A couple of projects centred on teaching TM on behalf of the David Lynch Foundation.  She is well known to the other Scottish TM teachers as well as many of the meditators, who may remember her from a number of courses she has facilitated or attended, and her assistance during David Lynch's visit to Edinburgh and Glasgow in 2007.

National Director - David Rae 

David was appointed National Director for Scotland in 2006 and is a Trustee of two registered charities which administer the TM organisation in the UK as a whole and in Scotland. Originally from Lanarkshire, David first came to Edinburgh as a student of Fine Art in 1965. He learned TM while a postgraduate student at the University of London Institute of Education in 1973 and returned to Edinburgh in 1977 to teach Transcendental Meditation. He has been involved with international teaching and research projects inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in The Middle East, India, Phillipines, USA and England, and in Scotland has enjoyed running courses of instruction in all the main cities, not to mention Orkney, Arbroath, Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline, Galashiels, Berwick, Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, Isle of Mull, and many towns in the central belt. 

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For those already practising Transcendental Meditation (and a few things for those who are not practising ....)

Already Practising TM and want to know more about national events?

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 Please e-mail or call the Centre to be added to the Edinburgh e-mail or telephone list, so that you can be kept informed in more detail about advanced meetings, courses and visiting speakers.  Events marked ** are available to non-meditators.  Please contact us for more information.


Meetings for group meditation and advanced knowledge at the TM Centre in West Crosscauseway are open to all TM meditators who have learned from teachers.  Regulars please note we have changed the schedule.  Meetings always start with a group meditation and a question and answer session. 

·        First Saturday in the month at 11.00am 

·        Evening meeting at 7.30pm    We've rung the changes - may be on a Wednesday or Thursday Meditators, please arrive after 6.50pm and take the opportunity of doing your usual twenty minutes in the 'quiet room'.  For Sidhas, programme starts, as always, at 5pm. 

·        Sunday afternoon meeting at 3.30pm.  We will have an hour's knowledge on a theme, then at 4.30pm we will break for tea / asanas and meditate together at 5pm

o   AUGUST: Saturday 4th 11am; Sunday 27th 3.30pm

o   SEPTEMBER: Saturday 2 11am;  Sunday 24th 3.30pm: Wednesday 27th 7.30pm (talk by special guest on Maharishi Aromatherapy and Light Therapy with Gems

o   OCTOBER: Saturday 7th 11am; Thursday 12th 7.30pm; Sunday 22nd 3.30pm

o   NOVEMBER: Saturday 4th 11am; Sunday 19th 3.30pm; Thursday 30th 7.30pm

o   DECEMBER: Saturday 2nd 11am; Sunday 17th 3.30pm; Thursday 21 7.30pm - Seasonal celebration!

Contact us if you would like to watch the demonstration and be introduced to the new set of Maharishi Yoga Asanas and Pranayama.  This is free for the time being 



Contact us for more information

·        Ongoing ladies' Bhagavad Gita study - join any time - contact centre for details

·        ** SEPTEMBER - Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems, and Maharishi Aromatherapy.  A qualified consultant will be visiting us from 27th to 30th September inclusive.  She will give a free talk - available to meditators and non-meditators - on Wednesday 27th at 7.30 and will be available to consult and treat during the following days.  More information soon.  Do please express potential interest.

·        **OCTOBER -  Maharishi Ayurveda.  Sunday 19 and Monday 30  -  Dr Donn Brennan, Ayurvedic Physician.  Consultations : £95 for first consultation (60 mins); £50 for subsequent consultations (30 mins).   Appropriate for those who do not yet practice TM.  Taking bookings now call or email Annie at the Centre


This year our National Director, David Rae will hold two courses at Forest Lodge, Blair Atholl.  The second will be on 17 - 19 November, and places are already filling fast.   Forest Lodge is a very popular location - remote and very silent; worth the journey.  Lovely food by our own talented team Judith and Andrew.  Price approx £250
If interested contact David  - drae2@mac.com; 0131 510 5108.

Glasgow Centre is also planning courses, so please watch the newsletter or contact them direct www.tm.org/uk/glasgow for more information.

For information on other events and courses including the new, beautiful Peace Palace in Rendlesham, Suffolk, explore the links on the TM UK National website http://uk.tm.org/already-practising-tm (copy and paste this into a new web page)


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Clare Luard:

"Just over three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which naturally was a huge shock as I had been living a healthy life-style for many decades. I noticed by practising my TM regularly, that the initial shock of the diagnosis eased along with the anxiety as the day of the operation approached. I seemed to recover surprisingly quickly from the surgery and treatment, and I feel TM played a significant part in my overall recovery"