Introductory talks

This is the first step in learning Transcendental Meditation. Our next talks are listed below - you can book in at any time. Individual talks also available on request. During the talks I will explain how learning this simple technique may benefit you personally, how it differs from other practices and the structure of the course itself. There will also be ample opportunity to have your questions answered. If you have any questions or would simply like to have a chat, either email, or call me on 077977 46078 or 01534 733496. 

Courses of instruction in TM are held regularly, please call Val for more details.

Other Events of Interest - please call Val for more information and to book

June 11th: TM Day Course at Hotel de France

November 3-5th: TM and Ayurveda Weekend course at Hotel de France 


Date Time Location Title Places Sortable Date
Sat Sep 9th 14:00 TM Centre, Jersey Jersey TM Centre, 9/10 West Centre, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4ST Free Introductory Talk Available Details 20170909
Wed Aug 23rd 19:00 TM Centre, Jersey Jersey TM Centre, 9/10 West Centre, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4ST Free Introductory Talk Available Details 20170823
Wed Sep 20th 19:00 TM Centre, Jersey Jersey TM Centre, 9/10 West Centre, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4ST Free Introductory Talk Available Details 20170920
Sun Nov 5th 17:00 JERSEY - Hotel de France Hotel de France, Jersey Free Introductory Talk Available Details 20171105

Ian Rolls, Artist, Jersey

"Transcendental meditation has influenced the way I work as an artist ...

... and the way I am as a person more than any other factor in the past 20 years since I learnt to meditate.
I have been a practising artist for all of my adult life. The way I work has evolved over time, but my technique of left-handed drawing and right-handed painting (I am naturally right-handed) has come to be central to my work and significantly linked to my meditation practice.
Drawing with my left hand allows me to fall into a state of deep concentration and relaxation that is similar to transcending. It seems to connect to the side of my brain that is responsible for intuitive and instinctive activity so that I relinquish total control of the drawing process. This feels good and feels like I'm diving into pure consciousness, which feeds into the creative process and produces images that make other people feel good too.
In the year 2001, I painted a series of 50 small watercolours following one of a number of regular visits to India. All of the drawings for this series of paintings were semi-abstract images of India and all were made immediately after meditation. The series formed an exhibition which I called "small spaces between thoughts" and I took these paintings to India and exhibited them at a gallery in Culcutta - very personal experience which revealed the close link between my art, my life and Transcendental Meditation, which continues to grow to this day."

Courses of Instruction

Transcendental Meditation classes are offered by appointment in seven steps, at times convenient to you. The first 3 Steps can be taken in one session (Introductory lecture; Preparatory lecture; Personal interview). Step 4 – Personal instruction in Transcendental Meditation and steps 5, 6 and 7 must be taken over consecutive days for about 1.5 hrs each session. As part of the course fee, we provide a six-month follow up programme of regular checking and knowledge meetings, to ensure the best start and maximum benefits over time.

Courses of instruction are run regularly in Jersey, please contact Val for details of upcoming courses.

An effortless technique

Personal experience on day of learning TM:

"Without knowing what to expect, I began to drift down into deeper and deeper levels of relaxation, as if I were sinking into my chair. Then for some time, perhaps a minute or a few minutes, I experienced a silent, inner state of no thoughts, just pure awareness and nothing else; then again I became aware of my surroundings. It left me with a deep sense of ease, inner renewal and happiness."