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Centre Chairperson:Linda Barlow

Address: Oxford, OX29 4JL

Local teacher - Linda Barlow

I learnt Transcendental Meditation in 1972, mainly out of curiosity, but the experience was so enjoyable and enriching I have continued meditating – and it just seems to get better. It is something to look forward to – and the feeling that remains with you after a meditation. Certainly it has helped with all the challenges of life, and the hard work involved with a career and family life. I became a teacher in 1976, and teaching too has become more and more fulfilling. I was Programmes Manager for Oxford University Business Summer School, but later in life changed to develop my work as a psychotherapist. I have an MA in the Psychology of Therapy and Counselling, and have trained in many aspects of this work to become UKCP registered. Locally I work in two GP surgeries, as well as receiving referrals from various Occupational Health organisations. I have also worked for 15 years in the clinical team for an employee assistance provider, a leading global provider of healthcare.

I feel fortunate to have learnt TM when I did, it has been of such benefit to my life. The purity of the tradition has been maintained by the teachers over time, and the fact that it is taught through a well-structured course enables people to feel they are secure in the experience and understanding of TM.

For those already practising Transcendental Meditation

MEDITATORS' MEETINGS: Are held regularly at the centre - please contact us for full schedule.
PERSONAL CHECKING: To refresh your practice and receive more guidance on your TM technique, these one-to-one 30 minute sessions are available by appointment.
REFRESHER COURSES: If you would like to refresh your practice and understanding of Transcendental Meditation, why not sit in again on a course of instruction. Phone or email for details.

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Andrew Bulbeck:

"I took up Transcendental Meditation 18 years ago and have been regular in my practice of the technique since then. About 18 months before this I started my career as a graphic designer in publishing, a field in which I'm still working at the moment. Looking back, I can say that, besides the immediate effects such as releasing the day's stresses, it also builds up something in you over time which you have in reserve when the going gets tough. It's the best investment of time and money you can make."