Maharishi Garden Village

Maharishi Garden Village is a unique development of 29 houses and 28 apartments built according to the timeless principles of Maharishi Vastu - Sthapatya Veda - Vedic Architecture. This is also where the first Maharishi Peace Palace for Great Britain will be built, construction to begin shortly.

"Our personal experiences also would have been many, many times sharper and much more effective, and our environment would have been very much more coherent, if we had been in Vastu buildings." – Maharishi

Maharishi said that Meditators create ‘a warmer air around them' and this feeling of softness permeates the weekend which you will spend in the quiet company of those who share this life-enriching interest with you. People find they make new friends or catch up with old ones and everyone seems to share the same enthusiasm for the special ambience created here at Maharishi Garden Village.


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Clare Luard:

"Just over three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which naturally was a huge shock as I had been living a healthy life-style for many decades. I noticed by practising my TM regularly, that the initial shock of the diagnosis eased along with the anxiety as the day of the operation approached. I seemed to recover surprisingly quickly from the surgery and treatment, and I feel TM played a significant part in my overall recovery"