Introductory/Preparatory talks

Our next talks are listed below. Click "Details" against the one you want to attend, in order to register. They all take place at 7:30pm, near Twickenham rugby stadium.

Dates of our upcoming courses to learn TM are also listed below.

You can book online below, drop us a line, or simply call 020 8894 9229 or 07852 279176 to have a chat.

These talks are the required first step to learning Transcendental Meditation and include a private chat with the Teacher after the basics have been covered in the group. They allow you to ask all your questions and aim to give you a realistic idea of what you can expect from the practice, with due regard to your own circumstances. They are free of charge, and carry no obligation to learn.

Date Time Location Title Places Sortable Date
Wed Nov 22nd 19:30 Twickenham 16 Regency Mews, off Queensbridge Park, TW7 7LX Introduction to TM Available Details 20171122
Thu Dec 7th 19:30 Twickenham 16 Regency Mews, off Queensbridge Park, TW7 7LX Introduction to TM Available Details 20171207

Courses to Learn Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation instruction is offered once a month in Twickenham, and takes place outside normal working hours. Learning TM commences with personal instruction, then three group sessions, on four consecutive days. Each session is 90 minutes. The six-month follow-up programme of individual and group sessions are included in the fee, and ensure that your daily practice continues to be 100% correct and maximally effective. View fees in a separate window/tab.

All sessions take place at our private address, 16 Regency Mews, TW7 7LX.

Next courses commence on the following Saturdays: 25 November, 6 January

An effortless technique

Personal experience on day of learning TM:

"Without knowing what to expect, I began to drift down into deeper and deeper levels of relaxation, as if I were sinking into my chair. Then for some time, perhaps a minute or a few minutes, I experienced a silent, inner state of no thoughts, just pure awareness and nothing else; then again I became aware of my surroundings. It left me with a deep sense of ease, inner renewal and happiness."