Introductory talks

Introductory talks for individuals and small groups are held regularly in Adel or Leeds at a time to suit you. Come along, find out more and ask questions - TM has benefits in all areas of life but you may want to know how it will help in specific areas. If you cannot make the talks below and want a private presentation at a time and place to suit you, please request one. This initial talk covers how the technique works and differs from other forms of meditation, why it is so easy to learn and practise, the extensive scientific research which backs it up and the structure of the training course if you then decide to learn. Introductory talks are free and without obligation and take an hour to an hour and a half.

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Date Time Location Title Places Sortable Date
Tue Oct 24th 12:00 Leeds Reception, Novotel Hotel, Leeds Centre, 4 Whitehall, Whitehall Quay, Leeds, LS1 4HR Personal Introduction to Transcendental Meditation Available Details 20171024
Wed Oct 25th 19:30 Adel, Leeds Cedar House, Church Lane, Adel, LS16 8DE Introduction to Transcendental Meditation Available Details 20171025
Wed Nov 1st 14:00 Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds Hyde Park Book Club, 27-29 Headingley Ln, Leeds LS6 1BL Introduction to Transcendental Meditation Available Details 20171101

Courses of Instruction

Courses of instruction in Transcendental Meditation are run regularly at convenient times, please contact Richard or Russell for details of upcoming courses.

An effortless technique

Personal experience on day of learning TM:

"Without knowing what to expect, I began to drift down into deeper and deeper levels of relaxation, as if I were sinking into my chair. Then for some time, perhaps a minute or a few minutes, I experienced a silent, inner state of no thoughts, just pure awareness and nothing else; then again I became aware of my surroundings. It left me with a deep sense of ease, inner renewal and happiness."