Consciousness-Based Education

The highest goal of education in every country is to create ideal citizens – individuals capable of fulfilling their own goals in life, while nourishing the interests of others and the progress of society as a whole. Consciousness-Based Education enables any school to achieve this ideal by systematically developing the brains, and unfolding the latent creativity and intelligence, of its pupils.

For your children

Maharishi School in Lancashire achieved Free School status in 2011 after 26 years of outstanding educational performance.

Further education and professional training

Maharishi University of Management in Iowa, USA, has been a centre of excellence in further education for over 35 years. It also offers a range of Distance Education courses for interest or for credit.

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Nazira, student, on TM

Nazira, Student

"The great thing about TM is that anyone can do it. It doesn't rely on religious belief. My tutors often comment that I am always happy and smiling. It helps me feel more calm and open to everything."