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Personal one on one instruction

Lifetime of benefits

Ongoing support and follow up

One-time payment

Our scale of fees based on income is designed to make TM accessible to as many people as possible.

The following fee structure is for your guidance. If you can pay the appropriate fee that's fantastic, but we understand there may be genuine reasons why you are unable to do so.

Please feel free to discuss your personal situation with your local teacher as necessary. 

Standard income based fee

Under £25,000 - £390

£25,000 -£40,000 - £490

Over £40,000 - £590

Concessions - £290
State pension, unemployed, very low income

Students 18+ - £290
Includes mature students if full-time

Special Offer for Couples, families and children

Couples: 15% discount on standard fees. (Must learn within 3 months of each other)

Families incl. single parent families: - Parents pay their own fees and children learn free. Only dependent children 18 and under included

Children (Age 10-18) - £190.
Under 10: 25% of main parent's fee. One parent must also do TM.

Tailored, group and corporate courses

We can also quote for private instruction, groups, and in-house courses for business and educational institutions. Please contact us for details.


Our goal is to make Transcendental Meditation available to as many people as possible. TM centres offer payment by instalment and, under exceptional circumstances, partial scholarships are sometimes available for those in financial hardship. For more information, contact your local TM teacher.

Non-profit organisation

Transcendental Meditation is available in the UK only through Maharishi Foundation, registered educational charity number 270157 (England & Wales), XR20456 (Northern Ireland), and SC041919 (Scotland). All revenues from course fees go entirely to support the organisation's educational and charitable initiatives.

Affiliated web domain

Maharishi Foundation uses the domain to take payments using the secure SagePay online service.

"You pay one time and the benefits are for the rest of your life - as opposed to a one-off car service."

Michael Andrew,
Financial Consultant.

Michael Andrew

David Lynch foundation

"Healing Trauma and Transforming Lives"

Helping those in need

Maharishi Foundation in collaboration with the David Lynch Foundation help support TM programs for the homeless, prisoners, and children at risk. For more information see:
David Lynch Foundation

Take the first step

Come along to an info session

The first step is to attend a free introductory talk or "Info Session".
This will be presented by a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation and generally takes about 1 hour. You will find out:

  • Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety
  • Why anyone can practise TM
  • What benefits you can realistically expect
  • How it works – the process of transcending
  • How TM differs from other meditations
  • What happens during TM

Following the talk there will be an opportunity to meet privately with the Teacher to discuss personal considerations.

The talk is a prerequisite to joining a course of instruction in TM, but there is no commitment to learn. It is open to everyone even if you only have a mild curiosity! Feel free to bring a friend.

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