Society, the environment, and world peace

In addition to the personal benefits that people enjoy from their TM practice, there is a wider benefit to society, the environment, and the whole world.

Twenty peer-reviewed studies have found a significant improvement in the quality of life wherever one per cent of the population practises Transcendental Meditation, or where the square root of one per cent of the population practises the more advanced programmes of TM in a group.

Results include: reduced crime and accidents, reduced hospital admissions, and reduced fatalities in situations of armed conflict.

Society and the environment

Crime rates, which are the focus of much of this research, are often a measure of a wider social disharmony and economic frustration. People who are more harmonious within themselves will naturally have a positive impact on the level of violence in society and the world. TM meditators become more sensitive to the needs of their immediate and wider environment, and naturally take greater responsibility for the health of the planet.

Transcendental Meditation spontaneously promotes harmony in diversity. When one has a greater inner locus of control and decreased aggressiveness, there is a reduction in hostility and tendency to dominate. This allows for a greater orientation towards positive values and increased harmony within the workplace and society at large, as the research on Transcendental Meditation has shown. Equanimity and tolerance are found to increase, and harmful and aggressive behaviours are reduced. People who practise TM report an increased sensitivity to the feelings of others, and greater compassion and empathy towards their fellow human beings.

In Transcendental Meditation the mind experiences a level of inner silence, where everything is interconnected. This corresponds to the deepest level of matter and energy, described by modern physics as a ‘unified field', a field of perfect order that is the source of all orderliness in the universe. An impulse on this level radiates everywhere, just as the ripples from a stone dropped into a calm pond spread across the whole surface until they reach the edge. In the same way, the inner peace and calmness experienced by the meditator radiates spontaneously throughout the environment, neutralising negative trends and enhancing positive values. Read more

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Public introductory talks are either online or in-person.
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The first step is to attend a free introductory talk or "Info Session".
This will be presented by a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation and generally takes about 1 hour. You will find out:

  • Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety
  • Why anyone can practise TM
  • What benefits you can realistically expect
  • How it works – the process of transcending
  • How TM differs from other meditations
  • What happens during TM

Following the talk there will be an opportunity to meet privately with the Teacher to discuss personal considerations.

The talk is a prerequisite to joining a course of instruction in TM, but there is no commitment to learn. It is open to everyone even if you only have a mild curiosity! Feel free to bring a friend.