Society and the environment

In addition to the personal benefits that people enjoy from their TM practice, there is a wider benefit to society and the environment.

Twenty peer-reviewed studies have found a significant improvement in the quality of life wherever one per cent of the population practises Transcendental Meditation, or where the square root of one per cent of the population practises the more advanced programmes of TM in a group.

Results include: reduced crime and accidents, reduced hospital admissions, and reduced fatalities in situations of military conflict.

Society and the environment

How can this be explained?

In Transcendental Meditation the mind experiences a level of inner silence, where everything is interconnected. This corresponds to the deepest level of matter and energy, described by modern physics as a ‘unified field', a field of perfect order that is the source of all orderliness in the universe. An impulse on this level radiates everywhere, just as the ripples from a stone dropped into a calm pond spread across the whole surface until they reach the edge. In the same way, the inner peace and calmness experienced by the meditator radiates spontaneously throughout the environment, neutralising negative trends and enhancing positive values. Read more