Presented: Soc. Behavioral Medicine, Seattle, April 2010

Reduced symptoms of depression

Two recent studies showed a 48 percent reduction in depressive symptoms in people doing TM, compared with people given only health education. These random assignment studies looked at more than 100 patients aged 55 years and older, and made no changes to medication or psychotherapy.

A London GP's experience ...

"In my years as a GP I found TM to be a dignified form of self help for my patients, who often reported benefits such as reduced anxiety, less sense of stress, better sleep, improved wellbeing. It is completely safe and for many people makes a good alternative to time consuming therapies and is likely to reduce the need for medication, and this is consistent with the research findings." - Dr Michael Musgrave

Stanford University study

This analysis of all 146 published studies on relaxation and anxiety showed that Transcendental Meditation was twice as effective in reducing anxiety as other techniques including the relaxation response, systematic muscular relaxation, and muscle biofeedback. Journal of Clinical Psychology.

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More research

How TM relieves stress

Bernadette van den Hout
Psychiatrist, NHS

"The profound relaxation, and the ease with which people adopt this technique – which is so simple to learn no matter what background, intellect or age – makes Transcendental Meditation stand out from other relaxation techniques. The special state of restful alertness that it produces accounts for the profound effects of Transcendental Meditation on physiology, mind, and emotions – including anxiety and depression."

Published scientific findings

Reduced anxiety and depression


What people say ...

"BEFORE LEARNING TM, life was like a series of corridors, many very dark, which I shielded with doors shut as tight as possible. Now, I don't worry about the doors opening and I don't fear the other sides.
All of the corridors are lighting up - and there are so many more paths shining bright that I hadn't noticed before. I now feel happier and more optimistic than at any other time in my life. It still amazes me that such a simple and easy technique can have transformed my life so much."
- Ian Dalling, Management Consultant

"FOR MANY YEARS I had suffered depression. I had been wired and unable to sleep. On learning TM, I gave up smoking instantly, my blood pressure dropped without any help either, and I haven't had an asthma attack since.
But, best of all, no more worry, no more depression, no more raging bull. Now, only sleep, peace, contentment, happiness, balance - the only side effects you'll get. Anyone who's every felt even a fraction of my black rage, just go and find out more at your local TM centre. Get yourself back."
- Sarah-Jane Quick, PA

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"ANXIETY in all its various forms will generally respond well to Transcendental Meditation. Even in those people already receiving treatment for anxiety, adding TM to the mix often means that their drug levels can be lowered as their response improves."

Norman Rosenthal MD

Norman Rosenthal, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, previously NIMH Senior Researcher, author of "Transcendence".

TM - a natural solution to ease anxiety and depression

Research has found that TM is the most effective meditation to relieve anxiety. It is an effortless, natural technique that can help end the self-perpetuating cycle of stress, anxiety and depression - which are both so common today.

Scientific research has shown that the special quality of rest gained from Transcendental Meditation settles both mind and body, and the nervous reaction to stress is lessened. Subsequently many of the symptoms that you may experience, including worry, panic attacks, bipolar swings, social anxiety and phobia decrease and can become a thing of the past.

Whether your symptoms have resulted from stressful or disheartening events or circumstances, or whether they always seem to have been there, sustained regular practice of Transcendental Meditation can, in time, help you deal with life's challenges without anxiety and depression.

Always take medical advice

If you feel that anxiety or depression is seriously disrupting your life, you should consult your GP. While doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists do recommend Transcendental Meditation for these conditions, results may vary from individual to individual, according to circumstances.

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David Lynch, award-winning film maker and artist:

"All these anxieties and fears and things that just kill us – all of those start going away. ... I have been ‘diving within' through the TM technique for over 30 years. It has changed my life, my world."

video: Luke Jensen war veteran

"TM saved me from suicide"

Luke Jensen, war veteran: 2 mins