James McCartney Headlines David Lynch Foundation Benefit Gala in London

Iconic Hollywood movie director David Lynch is to launch his charitable foundation in the UK with a fundraising gala and live auction in London this Saturday 24th November at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

James McCartney is to perform exclusively at the Transforming Lives From Within Gala in support of the very same charity that reunited the two remaining Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, for a rare public performance at the David Lynch Foundation's Change Begins Within benefit concert in New York in 2009. That same year, James made his public musical debut at a David Lynch Foundation benefit in Iowa, having only played incognito before.

James says,
"I'm delighted to have been invited to perform again at another one of the Foundation's events. The significance this time round is that it's in my home town of London. ...I wish everyone involved continued success in spreading the good work of the Foundation & the power of Transcendental Meditation - Health & Happiness to all."

DJ Rob da Bank, Donovan, David Lynch and other celebrities and artists have donated auction items in support of the David Lynch Foundation's Operation Warrior Wellness programme, which has successfully helped thousands of Gulf and Afghanistan war veterans and active servicemen in the USA to recover from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by teaching them the Transcendental Meditation technique.

David Lynch will join the gala by live video link to present his charity's plans for similar projects for veterans and others in vulnerable high-stress categories in the UK. He will also present Tim Burgess of The Charlatans with a 'DLF Peace Award' (via video link) for his innovative fundraising for the charity, including music for the Transcendental Music Label, his own Kellogg's cereal brand and, most recently, his own brand of coffee, Tim Peaks. Tim will speak about how Transcendental Meditation helped him recover from decades of drug addiction.

British ex-servicemen whose lives were blighted by PTSD will be among other speakers at the event describing how Transcendental Meditation has transformed their lives, including former army Commando Gunner, Steve Bindon, a Falklands veteran who for decades was isolated, traumatised and at times homeless before learning Transcendental Meditation last year.

Operation Warrior Wellness was launched in the USA in 2010, and has since received the support of leading military and veterans organisations, including the US Dept. of Veteran Affairs, which is funding two major studies on Transcendental Meditation and PTSD. High profile supporters include Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah Winfrey, and Russell Brand.

David Lynch says,
"We are delighted to be launching the David Lynch Foundation in the United Kingdom, and look forward to bringing Operation Warrior Wellness to British war veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and their families."

"Since we established the Foundation in the USA in 2005, we have helped over 250,000 at-risk adults and children worldwide to heal traumatic stress and raise performance through the teaching of Transcendental Meditation - including thousands of veterans, serving military and their families. When soldiers get this simple, effortless technique, they get their lives back. It saves lives; not only the soldiers' lives, but the families who are suffering too."

The David Lynch Foundation UK will also be bringing its innovative approach to help at-risk youths, the homeless in re-entry programmes, prisoners and inner-city teachers and students.

TV antiques and memorabilia expert Jamie Breese will conduct a live auction at the event, with items including various special edition prints of David Lynch's own Twin Peaks-themed artwork, each signed by Lynch, and artwork by Santha Faiia and war veteran Steve Bindon. Further items will be available by silent auction, from 29th November, at the Charity Buzz site, including a DJ lesson with Radio 1's Rob da Bank, and, from Tim Burgess, 2 VIP tickets to the Isle of Wight Festival and a shift working at the coolest coffee shop on earth - Tim Peaks Diner! Artwork, including items from Pauline Amos, Gilbert & George and Francis Knight, will also be available for silent auction at Paddle 8 from 29th November.

More information about the event and the online auction can be found at davidlynchfoundation.org.uk

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