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The Peace Palace

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Peace Palace

Learning Transcendental Meditation in Residence.

An alternative way to learn Transcendental Meditation is in residence. The venue is the beautiful 30 bedroom Maharishi Peace Palace in Suffolk - about 1 3/4 hours from London set close to an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) - both forest and coastal heathland with charming Suffolk coastal villages and towns nearby - just down the road from Sutton Hoo.

Arrive after lunch and stay three nights departing 12.30pm on the final morning. We offer courses over a long weekend or mid-week break.

One-time payment

It is an inescapable fact that in this country there is a huge variation in people's ability to pay.

In recognition of this, the Trustees of Maharishi Foundation, the charity that teaches TM in the UK, have developed a scale of fees based on gross income.

In this way people on higher incomes pay more and those on lower incomes pay less. We do not ask to see payslips or anything, but simply rely on your integrity.

Course fees:

Earning over £40,000 - £590

Earning over £25,000 - £490

Earning over £15,000 - £390

Earning less than £15,000 and students - £290

School students - £190.

Under 10 - 25% of main parent's fee.

Special rates:

  • There are special rates for families and couples.

  • If you are on a higher income and would like to make an extra donation this helps to support those on lower incomes.

Add Bed & Breakfast costs to your instruction fee:
(payable directly to the Peace Palace)

  • Standard ensuite bedroom - £79 (single occupancy) or £49 (p/p double occupancy).
  • Executive ensuite bedroom - £95 (single occupancy) or £54 (p/p double occupancy – choice of twin or super king size bed).

These rates include a self-service vegetarian breakfast. Upgrade to a delicious vegetarian continental breakfast for a £10 supplement per day per person.

Peace Palace Garden

Course Dates to learn Transcendental Meditation.

  • Saturday 21 - Tuesday 24 September
  • Mid-week: Tuesday 24 - Friday 27 September
  • Saturday 19 - Tuesday 22 October
  • Saturday 30 November - Tuesday 3 December

Arrive by lunchtime on the first day of the course and leave by lunchtime on the last day of the course.

"I was amazed by the Peace Palace … the feeling of space was brilliant … the whole effect was one of under-stated elegance. The food was beautifully served and the staff were so helpful."


Susan Gianni

Peace Palace patio

The Peace Palace is mainly used for residential TM Retreats for those who already practise Transcendental Meditation but also offers Wellness B&B for anyone who appreciates the settled ambience of the building and serves delicious organic vegetarian meals. It is the home of 'TM Suffolk' and is a lovely settled place to learn TM in comfort away from the busy demands of your daily life.

The Peace Palace is designed and constructed according to the principles of the most ancient system of architecture, Sthapatya Veda - Maharishi Vastu - realised in a modern context. It is part of a garden village development with 60 dwellings designed to the same principles - and more planned. There is also a Maharishi Ayurveda Centre next to the main building.

Peace Palace patio

"I first discovered TM when listening to a discussion about it on the local radio station. This came during a time that was very difficult in my life having become widowed . Although I have have tried many forms of meditation, I felt there was a need for further growth. Whilst learning TM in residence at the Peace Palace, I had the privilege of meeting lots of people from all walks of life. Since practising TM it has given me the most amazing experiences and benefits. The meditation has left me feeling at peace, happy, more energetic and content. The benefits are indescribable, mentally and physically. My friends and family have all seen a wonderful change in me, I can't thank Annie and the team enough."


Donna Gilbert

Contact us for:

a) a link to a live online introductory talk with one of the TM Suffolk teachers or
b) a link for a pre-recorded 20 minute introductory talk followed by the opportunity to call us to ask questions and/or to book for a course of instruction.
T: 01394 421 136 (ask to be transferred to TM Suffolk) or E:

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Your TM teachers

Annie Renwick

Annie Renwick

Annie has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation for over 40 years mainly in UK but also in Australia. She is the General Manager for Courses and Events at the Maharishi Peace Palace as well as enjoying teaching TM here. She and John have three children.

John Renwick

John, a chartered Civil Engineer and Teacher of Transcendental Meditation has been teaching TM for over 40 years in UK but also in East Africa. He is an expert in Maharishi Vastu, the ancient system of Vedic Architecture and has been closely involved in the design and construction of this iconic building built according to these principles.

John Renwick
Felicity Kaplan

Felicity Kaplan

Felicity learned Transcendental Meditation in 1980 when she was a primary school teacher. She has worked full time for the TM organisation for more than 30 years, as an administrator of a residential facility in Suffolk and as a teacher in London and Suffolk.

John Darby

John has taught TM in London, Oxford and now Suffolk for over 33 years. He has been a key member of the Executive Board of the Maharishi Peace Palace during the developmental stage and ongoing. He was instrumental in setting up Transcendental Meditation Corporate Programmes for the UK teaching TM in businesses and organisations around the country.

John Darby

Dr Bevan Morris

On the Maharishi Peace Palace

Dr Susel Fagan

On the Maharishi Peace Palace

Do call us for a chat and more information on +44 (0) 1394 421 136

We look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful and unique venue in which to learn Transcendental Meditation

The Maharishi Peace Palace, Gardenia Close, Rendlesham, nr Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 2GX