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Transcendental Meditation is learned in seven easy steps


Free introductory talk
Hear from an experienced accredited teacher how TM could benefit you and how it differs from other practices, and have all your questions answered.  Find a teacher

The course
Learning Transcendental Meditation involves personal instruction with an accredited TM teacher and three meetings on the following days. This is most often on a weekend and weekday evenings, although some teachers are able to offer weekday daytime courses.

Alternatively, one can learn in residence, either over a weekend or during the week. This can be done in various locations including the Maharishi Peace Palace in Suffolk and the Maharishi Golden Dome in Lancashire. Your local teacher can arrange this for you.

Follow-up and support
After you complete the TM course, you'll enjoy a lifetime of cumulative benefits from your twice-daily practice, with continuing support from your teacher.

Course fees are detailed on the link below which opens in a new tab/window. 
Course fees

Seven Steps to learn TM

Steps 1-3: Preparing to learn

These steps are combined into a single session and are free of charge and obligation to learn.

An explanation of what TM is and what the benefits are, is followed by a description of how the process works and how you learn. How it differs from other forms of meditation will be made clear. The session ends with a short personal chat with the teacher to discuss any personal considerations, and to make an appointment should you wish to learn.

Find out when and where you can attend an introductory talk in your local area.   Details

Steps 4-7: Learning Transcendental Meditation

These steps take place over four consecutive days if you learn with your local teacher. Alternatively, you can do these over a single weekend, if you learn in residence; ask your local teacher for details.

  • Day 1: Personal instruction
    This is the one-to-one session where you learn the actual technique of Transcendental Meditation. Allow 1 to 2 hours. After learning, you are able to meditate at home on your own.
  • Days 2, 3 and 4: Follow-up meetings
    These all-important sessions verify that you are practising correctly, and give further knowledge and understanding relevant to your continuing twice-daily meditation. Each session lasts 1 to 2 hours.


Ongoing support

Once you've completed the seven-step TM course, you'll have the intellectual and experiential knowledge to meditate effectively. Then a series of important weekly and monthly group and personal "meditation check-ups" ensure that you are practising correctly and enjoying the full benefits. These meetings are arranged at your convenience over your first six months of practice.

Your teacher will always be happy to hear from you, to check your meditation and answer any questions you might have.

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David Lynch, Filmmaker

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"I have been diving within through the Transcendental Meditation technique for over 30 years. It has changed my life, my world."

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