Help for insomnia and problems with sleep

Sleep is vital to our wellbeing - yet up to a third of Britons are thought to suffer from insomnia at some time in their lives.

Problems with sleeping are often related to anxiety and stress - which is why people with insomnia who learn Transcendental Meditation often experience an immediate improvement in their sleeping patterns.

Less stress, less insomnia

TM provides a simple, effortless means to gain deep physical and mental rest and refreshment, dissolving accumulated tiredness and fatigue. With this release of stress, in addition to benefits during the day, mind and body are sufficiently relaxed for sleep to come more easily and naturally at night.

What people say ...

"AS A LIFE-LONG SUFFERER of insomnia who's tried every remedy, pill and potion, I approached TM with some scepticism … how, when and why would the lack of sleep dissipate? I was so tired in my first meditation that I was almost hallucinating. However regular daily meditation gave me enough confidence to turn off the light and not feel anxious about sleep. My sleep got better - but then daily life got in the way and I neglected my two daily meditations. My sleeping immediately worsened. So I am now stricter with myself about meditating regularly! - Dominique Day, Founder of Bootcamp Pilates

"I WAKE UP KNACKERED, I try not to fall asleep at my desk … then stagger to my sofa, pass out in my clothes and crawl into bed for another night of infuriatingly broken sleep. I'll almost be asleep and suddenly my mind will shriek: 'Have you remembered to set your alarm?' or, 'You didn't reply to that woman yesterday, you idiot …'
TM works for me. I find it profoundly relaxing. I am much less tired than I was a month ago. My sleep is deep and unbroken …"
- Stuart Heritage, The Guardian, 1 March 2014

"WITH A BIT OF LUCK, I thought, I might be able to sleep just a little bit better. The reality was dramatically different - I slept normally. I slept for a protracted length of time. Instead of waking up every few hours and never really getting more than 3 or 4 hours sleep a night, I would sleep a normal night's sleep.
My wife thought I looked ten years younger, not immediately, but within a relatively short period of time!"
- Michael Andrew, Financial Advisor

Stanford University study

This analysis of all 146 published studies on relaxation and anxiety showed that Transcendental Meditation was twice as effective in reducing anxiety as other techniques including the relaxation response, systematic muscular relaxation, and muscle biofeedback. Journal of Clinical Psychology.

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More research

How TM relieves stress

Bernadette van den Hout
Psychiatrist, NHS

"The profound relaxation, and the ease with which people adopt this technique – which is so simple to learn no matter what background, intellect or age – makes Transcendental Meditation stand out from other relaxation techniques. The special state of restful alertness that it produces accounts for the profound effects of Transcendental Meditation on physiology, mind, and emotions – including anxiety and depression."

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Always take medical advice

If you feel that insomnia or problems with sleep are seriously disrupting your life, you should consult your GP.

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video: Jerry Seinfeld on sleep

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