Local meetings and group meditation programme

Almost every TM Centre in the country offers regular group meetings for people practising Transcendental Meditation. Find your local Teacher using the postcode look-up at the top right of this page. Then view their Contact Us page, and look under the heading "For those already practising Transcendental Meditation".

These meetings provide an opportunity to keep your practice fresh, ask any questions you may have, and enjoy new knowledge and insights in convivial company.

A small voluntary contribution is chargeable (£5 is typical) after the first six months of practice, but at some Centres it may be free for members.

A number of Centres also have group practice of the TM-Sidhi Programme one evening a week or more. Some also run special courses from time to time, such 16-hour "Short Courses" on, e.g., Yoga, Diet and Nutrition, etc.

Coherence times - Synchronising our meditation around the country

Practising Transcendental Meditation in a group is more effective than doing it alone.

The same is true, but even more so, with the TM-Sidhi Programme, especially Yogic Flying.

A similar effect comes from practising these techniques at exactly the same time as others.

The benefits for both individual and society will be greater if Sidhas start their Yogic Flying – and Meditators start their TM – at exactly the same time, all around the country.

See times listed below. The times in brackets are alternatives for those unable to manage the preferred times.

(7:15 am) or 8:00 am
6:00 pm (or 7:00 pm)

Saturdays and Sundays
8:00 am (or 10:00 am)
6:00 pm (or 7:00 pm)

See also: Coherence Days