Gain Supreme Knowledge!

The following gives a flavour of the richness and practicality of the supreme knowledge that is now available to you, thanks to Maharishi and the Vedic tradition.

Sample video topics

These are some of the topics you will be able to hear Maharishi speak on when you attend advanced meetings at your local Centre, and Maharishi Foundation® residential courses:

  • Developing Unbounded Awareness: Providing the Basis of All Knowledge and Its Spontaneous Application in Daily Life
  • The Full Range of Natural Law Expressed in the Seven States of Consciousness
  • Nourishing National Law by Enlivening Natural Law in National Consciousness
  • Creating Unified Field-Based Ideal Civilisation
  • The Path of Immortality Available in the Ancient Vedic Literature as Brought to Light by Maharishi and Verified by Scientific Research
  • Enlivening the Junction Point Between Physiology and Consciousness
  • The Formula to Fulfil One's Dharma (cosmic duty)
  • Yoga - the Integrated State of Life - the Basis of Life-Supporting Thought, Speech, and Action
  • Enlivening the Unified Field in World Consciousness to Create a Global Influence of Positivity and Harmony
  • Opening Awareness to the Unbounded Ocean of Pure Consciousness to Establish Life in Infinite Affluence, Freedom, Bliss, and Fulfilment.
  • Bringing the Stability of the Absolute into the Changing Waves of Relative Life
  • Establishing Life in the State of Fulfilment - the Basis of Life-Supporting Action
  • The Vedic Means of Gaining Knowledge - Making Veda, Pure Knowledge, a Living Reality
  • Developing Skill in Action
  • Gaining Command of the Infinite Organising Power of Natural Law
  • Formula for Effortlessly Accomplishing Anything through the Process of Thinking
  • Entertainment in the Age of Enlightenment - Enjoying the Play of Bliss Consciousness 24 Hours a Day
  • Vedic Science for Immortality
  • Culturing that Skill of Perception which Will Make Every Experience a Wave of Bliss
  • Self-Referral Performance - the Key to Infinite Vitality and All Possibilities in Daily Life
  • Vedic Cognition: Knowledge is Structured in Consciousness
  • Becoming Familiar with ... the Basis of All Change in the Infinite Dynamism of the Unmanifest Self
  • Providing the Missing Element in the Structure of Every Government - the Ability to Handle Collective Consciousness
  • Bless the World with Utopian Civilisation