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What happens when you meditate

Transcendental Meditation allows the nervous system to access a special quality of rest different from ordinary rest and relaxation - and in some ways deeper than sleep. It allows the brain to break out of the cycle of stress. The frontal lobes of the brain are then able to coordinate mind and emotions, and you see life in perspective once again.

TM's effect on cortisol

Remove the root cause of anxiety naturally

Regular practice of Transcendental Meditation gives a calmer, more peaceful state of mind.

146 independent studies show Transcendental Meditation is significantly more effective in reducing trait anxiety than other techniques.


TM reduces anxiety

Source: Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1989; 45:957-974

Scientific research shows that TM has been proven to help with insomnia

The way to break the insomnia cycle is to give the whole physiology a dose of profound inner rest and stillness. TM is highly effective at producing a state of deep inner calm. Many people report an immediate improvement in their sleep quality after learning TM.

Reduced Insomnia through TM

Insomnia Chart 1

Source:Journal of Counselling and Development

Greater resilience to stress

When your inner resources cannot meet the demands of daily life, you get stressed. TM increases tolerance and the ability to recover from stressful situations.

Decrease your stress hormones naturally

TM's effect on cortisol: this landmark study published in Hormones and Behavour found that Transcendential Meditation reduces cortisol by 30%.

The Stress Hormone

TM's effect on cortisol

Reference: Hormones and Behaviour

Increase your happiness hormones

Neurologists have found that practising Transcendental Meditation releases serotonin, the neurotransmitter that affects your feelings of well-being and happiness.

Change in serotonin levels during TM practise

Increase your happiness hormones

Reference: Journal of Neural Transmission Vol 39, 1976, pp257-267

Improve your clarity of mind & creativity

TM is one of the most effective methods for time management. An orderly mind prioritises and does not suffer from time pressure, naturally enhancing creativity.

Effortlessly connect with your deepest inner creativity.

A major research study at American University found that TM creates alpha brain waves. The Mayo Clinic describes alpha brain waves as being associated with a "relaxed, happy, focused" state of mind.

That's why people who learn TM often say they're more focused, creative and productive in activity than ever before. Many of them previously tried other forms of meditation. The chart below illustrates a key difference between TM and other techniques.


TM and creativity

Meditate for a healthier heart

Extensive scientific research has shown distinct benefits for cardiovascular health, including reduced high blood pressure and reduced risk of stroke.

Major reduction in heart attack & stroke

A five-year study on patients with coronary heart disease reported a 48% reduction in heart attack, stroke and death among those practicing Transcendental Meditation compared to other controls.

48% Reduction in heart attack & stroke

Source: Circulation Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes

Decreased Medical Expenses through Transcendental Meditation

This study measured annual percentage change in government payments for physicians' services over 14 years among 1,418 people in Quebec, Canada, who learnt the Transcendental Meditation Programme, in comparison to randomly selected controls. After learning the Transcendental Meditation Programme, individuals showed an average annual decline of 13.8 per cent in payments.


WorkStress Chart 1

Reference: American P4 Journal of Health Promotion 14: 284 – 291, 2000.


Younger Biological Age through TM

Reference: International Journal of Neuroscience 16: 53 – 58, 1982.

Younger Biological Age through Transcendental Meditation

Those who had been regularly practising the Transcendental Meditation Programme showed younger biological age, with a greater difference between chronological age and biological age the longer they had been participating in the programme.

Learn more at a free 1 hour info session

The first step is to attend a free introductory talk or "Info Session".
This will be presented by a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation and generally takes about 1 hour. You will find out:

  • Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety
  • Why anyone can practise TM
  • What benefits you can realistically expect
  • How it works – the process of transcending
  • How TM differs from other meditations
  • What happens during TM

Following the talk there will be an opportunity to meet privately with the Teacher to discuss personal considerations.

The talk is a prerequisite to joining a course of instruction in TM, but there is no commitment to learn. It is open to everyone even if you only have a mild curiosity! Feel free to bring a friend.

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    "I find it profoundly relaxing. It gives me a chance to order my thoughts ... I am much less tired than I was a month ago. My sleep is deep and unbroken."

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    "It's unlikely [aggressive Type-A personalities] will be de-fanged and turned into a Type-B, by meditating. But they might feel less tense'."

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    TM for PTSD

    Time Magazine: TM for PTSD "a peer-reviewed study finds that TM may have helped to alleviate symptoms of PTSD and improve quality of life in veterans of OEF/OIF with combat-related PTSD."

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