Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation®

Enrich Your Meditation Experience

"The purpose of Advanced Techniques is to take the experience to another, higher level. Advanced Techniques are like fertilisers; fertilisers bring better fruit to every tree. To enjoy great achievement and fulfilment in life, take advantage of this beautiful programme of Advanced Techniques to enrich the development of higher states of consciousness."                                                                                                                               – Maharishi

What are Advanced Techniques?

Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation enhance and enrich the benefits of daily practice of Transcendental Meditation, hastening the growth to enlightenment.

Through the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation the mind becomes familiar with the experience of 'pure consciousness', the simplest, least excited state of consciousness from where all thoughts arise.

Through Advanced Techniques, we deepen our experience of pure consciousness and enhance our ability to experience finer levels of thought – to develop finer perception while becoming more familiar with the experience of our own, silent Self. As our conscious mind becomes more infused with this pure field of consciousness and our perception becomes more enriched, our thoughts and actions spontaneously become more powerful and effective, resulting in greater fulfilment of desires in daily life.

Who teaches Advanced Techniques?

Advanced Techniques are only taught by Maharishi Vedic Experts from India who usually visit England, Scotland and Ireland each year.

Who can learn Advanced Techniques?

Four Advanced Techniques are offered to all Meditators in a sequence developed by Maharishi. You can apply to learn the first Advanced Technique after two months to four months of regular practice of Transcendental Meditation. You can continue with the sequence of Advanced Techniques after every additional two to four months of regular practice..  

The recommended duration of regular practice between one Advanced Technique and the next is four months, but two months is adequate if the experiences are good and the course is only available at that time. If there are any questions, please apply anyway and the Advanced Technique Teacher will advise what is the appropriate next step for you.

Completion of the series of four Advanced Techniques is a pre-requisite for learning the TM-Sidhi Programme with the exception of the 2017 Fast-Track Course. But even if you do not intend to learn the TM-Sidhi Programme, the Advanced Techniques will enhance your evolution. Once learned, they continue to have a profound effect on your meditation and your activity for the rest of your life.

What Meditators say about Advanced Techniques ...

"Astonishingly good! They make the positive effects of my daily meditation last longer into the day."

"My meditation is very deep, yet very lively. I feel relaxed, yet my mind is fully awake. I feel waves of warmth and contentment. This is a very wonderful experience!"

"I experience a deeper silence. My meditation is more soothing, more blissful, and I feel more energy after meditation."

"I had become fond of my TM practice, enjoying transcendence as an increasingly blissful, restful, revitalising experience. But with my Advanced Technique the experience immediately reached a finer level of silence and peace. It's glorious to know that these benefits will last, and grow, my whole life long."

"I experience lightness, bliss and integration with the world around me!"

Interesting Article on Advanced Techniques

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What is the structure of the course?

The Advanced Technique course includes four meetings:

1. Preparatory and orientation meeting.

2. Personal instruction.

3. Verification and validation of experiences meeting.

4. Follow-up meeting after 10 days with the TM Teacher at the centre where you learnt your Advanced Technique or at your local centre.

Course Fees

Please note:  You can spread the cost of this course over four months. The course fees for Advanced Programmes are higher than for Transcendental Meditation, because there are additional costs involved. The Maharishi Vedic Experts who teach these programmes come specially from India and are accommodated in the United Kingdom while they are teaching. 

Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation Fees

  • £640 standard fee
  • £960 couples
  • £390 full-time students aged 18+
  • £190 full-time students aged 13-18
  • £430 concessions*

*registered unemployed, state pensioners and earning less than £15,000 p.a.

All fees can be paid in four monthly instalments.

Meals and accommodation, where required, are not included in the fees.

Special Package Offers

1) Package of four Advanced Techniques

Standard Fee: Package of four Advanced Techniques with a 20% discount on the standard fee of £640 - £512 per technique - £2,048 in total.

Couples Fee: Package of four Advanced Techniques with a discount of 5% on the basic fee of £960 for couples which already includes a 20% discount - £912 per technique - £3,648 in total.

The fees can be paid in 4 instalments or in full in advance

2) Package of four Advanced Techniques and the TM-Sidhi Programme

For details please go to the TM-Sidhi Programme page.




Advanced Techniques Schedule

February - July 2017

London Shepherds Bush TM Centre 
•   Advanced Techniques: 18-19 February
Tel: 0208 749 5442
Bristol TM Centre
•  Advanced Techniques: 25-26 February
Tel: 01179 147127
Maharishi Peace Palace, Rendlesham, Suffolk
•   Advanced Techniques: 11-12 March
Advanced Techniques are also available during some TM Retreats in the Peace Palace and at other times, please enquire.
Tel: 01394 421136
Maharishi European Sidhaland, Lancashire
Advanced Techniques: 15-16 April
Tel: 01695 51617 
Glasgow TM Centre
•  Advanced Techniques: 22-23 April
Tel: 0141 221 6333

London Shepherds Bush TM Centre 
•   Advanced Techniques: 13-14 May
Tel: 0208 749 5442
Maharishi Peace Palace, Rendlesham, Suffolk
•   Advanced Techniques: 20-21 May
Tel: 01394 421136
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
•  Advanced Techniques: 27 May (from 5.00 pm) - 28 May (10.00-12.00 am)
Organised by the West Yorkshire TM Centre
Tel: 07805 572541
Maharishi Peace Palace, Rendlesham, Suffolk
•  Advanced Techniques: 10-11 June, 17-18 June, 24-25 June
Tel: 01394 421136
Maharishi Peace Palace, Rendlesham, Suffolk
•   Advanced Techniques: 1-2 July, 4-5 July, 8-9 July, 15-16 July
Tel: 01394 421136
Bristol TM Centre
•  Advanced Techniques: 11-12 July
Tel: 01179 147127
London Shepherds Bush TM Centre 
•   Advanced Techniques: 22-23 July
Tel: 0208 749 5442
Maharishi Peace Palace, Rendlesham, Suffolk
•   Advanced Techniques: 29-30 July
Tel: 01394 421136

Further Information

For further information please contact the National TM Communications Office. Tel: 01695 51213, Email: