Advanced Programmes of Transcendental Meditation®

Enhancing the benefits of daily meditation and accelerating the growth to higher states of consciousness.

"These beautiful advanced programmes are the golden key to living the full potential of life in higher states of consciousness - Enlightenment - bringing perfect health, happiness and the fufilment of desires." - Maharishi

Transcendental Meditation™ and all its advanced programmes have their source in the Vedic Tradition of ancient India. In re-introducing these time-honoured programmes and techniques to the world, Maharishi took care to ensure that they would always be taught in their original purity and effectiveness.

We feel fortunate that highly skilled Maharishi Vedic Experts from India, selected and trained by Maharishi, the modern representatives of the Vedic Tradition, usually visit England and Scotland every year to offer these very profound, advanced programmes to all Meditators to accelerate the development of higher states of consciousness.

Other teachers of Advanced Programmes from Europe also visit the UK from time to time.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi trained special teachers to teach the Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme. These teachers only work for Maharishi's Global Transcendental Meditation Organisation. TM Teachers in the UK are not trained or authorised to teach Advanced Techniques or the TM-Sidhi Programme.

Mr and Mrs Pradhan, Maharishi Vedic Experts

All Maharishi Vedic Experts are very experienced teachers who received their training under the guidance of Maharishi.

Advanced Programmes         February - August 2017

Maharishi Vedic Experts will be visiting the UK again from February - August 2017. 

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Please see the last tour's leaflet Advanced Programmes leaflet.


Advanced Programmes

Schedule February - July 2017

Maharishi Peace Palace, Rendlesham, Suffolk

•   Advanced Techniques: 11-12 March
•   Advanced Techniques: 20-21 May
•   Advanced Techniques are also available during some TM Retreats and courses offered in the Peace Palace and at other times, please enquire
•   TM-Sidhi Check: 12 March
•   MVVT: 14-16 March 
•   TM-Sidhi Refresher Course: 18 -19 March
•   MVVT: 20-22 March
•   TM-Sidhi Check: 21 May
•   MVVT: 23-25 May 
•   MVVT: 18-20 July
Tel: 01394 421136
London Shepherds Bush TM Centre 
•   Advanced Techniques: 18-19 February, 13-14 May, 22-23 July
•   MVVT, 20-23 February, 15-17 May, 24-26 July
Tel: 0208 749 5442
Bristol TM Centre
•  Advanced Techniques: 25-26 February
Tel: 01179 147127
Maharishi European Sidhaland, Lancashire
Advanced Techniques: 15-16 April
Tel: 01695 51617 
Glasgow TM Centre
•  Advanced Techniques: 22-23 April
•  TM-Sidhi Check: 23 April
Tel: 0141 221 6333


Further Information

Please contact your local Transcendental Meditation Centre or the National TM Enquiry Office - Tel: 01695 51213, Email: