TM-Sidhi Programme® Refresher Course

This course is designed to ensure that everyone enjoys the most profound and blissful experiences of the TM-Sidhi Programme®. Maharishi made it available in 2007 for all those who have already learned the TM-Sidhi Programme to get the maximum out of their practice. Wonderful and substantial results have been reported for this popular course which provides an opportunity to refresh your understanding and experience.

The course is conducted by Maharishi Vedic Experts and includes a thorough review of the technique, a personal check and the opportunity to ask questions. The course is offered over two days, starting Saturday morning and finishing after lunch on Sunday.

Course Fee: £150

Meals and accommodation, where required, are not included in the fee.

We are only offering one course in 2016.

February 2016

Maharishi Garden Village, Suffolk
TM-Sidhi Refresher Course: 13-14 Feb 
Tel: 01394 421136

What Sidhas say about the TM-Sidhi Refresher ...

"I found the course very fulfilling, quite ideal."

"Absorbing and enlivening."
"I found the personal checking very helpful."
"I returned to the programme with greater depth, confidence and understanding."
"It was quite an exceptional course for me, and even after forty years of meditation it is hard to get my head round the fact that a day and a half could bring about such a revelatory experience."
"Since the TM-Sidhi Refresher Course I am almost consistently experiencing a profoundly deep quality of silence and stillness, the course is a great way to refine the TM-Sidhi Programme, I wish I had done it years ago."
"I cannot praise the Maharishi Vedic Experts too highly for the professional, knowledgeable and personal way in which they explain Maharishi's teachings."

TM-Sidhi Programme Check

The TM-Sidhi Check takes about two hours and includes a lecture by Maharishi on the TM-Sidhi Programme, group checking of the TM-Sidhi Programme by Maharishi Vedic Experts and the opportunity to ask questions.

Course Fee: £25

Meals and accommodation, where required, are not included in the fees.


What Sidhas say about TM-Sidhi Checks ...

"The Maharishi Vedic Expert's replies to questions were so helpful, practical and to-the-point that they generated a delightful confidence and led to a continuous flow of questions. It just goes to show how valuable TM-Sidhi Checks and TM-Sidhi Refresher Courses can be. Why run a Rolls Royce without ever having it serviced!"


Schedule February-May 2016

London Shepherds Bush TM Centre 
TM-Sidhi Check: 19 Feb
Tel: 0208 749 5442
Bristol TM Centre
• TM-Sidhi Check : 28 Feb
Tel: 01179 147127
Maharishi Garden Village, Suffolk
• TM-Sidhi Check: 24 Apr
Tel: 01394 421136
Maharishi European Sidhaland, Lancashire
TM-Sidhi Check: 30 May
Tel: 01695 51617 
More dates may be made available.

Further Information

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